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Back in Agrabah, red clouds shrouded the city.  The palace was still on the mountaintop and Jafar was in charge.  Lightning was everywhere in the sky.  Inside the palace, in the throne room, the Sultan was tied to a marionette like a puppet, as Iago stuffed crackers into his mouth.  "Puppet ruler want a cracker?  Here's your cracker.  Shove 'em all right down your throat.  Here, have lots of crackers," mocked Iago.

Jasmine was chained and forced to give Jafar an apple when she saw this.  "Stop it.  Jafar leave him alone," begged Jasmine.

Iago stopped for a second, but then resumed his business.  As for Jafar, he gave the princess a crown and said, "It pains me to see you reduced to this, Jasmine.  A beautiful desert bloom such as yourself should be on the most powerful arm in the world.  What do you say, my dear?  Why, with you as my queen…"

Jasmine knew where Jafar was going, so she grabbed a glass of wine and threw it in his face.  "NEVER," she snapped.

Jafar was infuriated with this.  Rudy, Dennis, Kimmy and Kaytlin, now imprisoned saw this.  "You just got rejected," teased Dennis.

Jafar didn't pay attention to them.  He was focused on the princess.  "I'll teach you some respect," he yelled as Jasmine fell back.

Jafar was furious, but as he was about to smack the princess, he stopped.  Instead, he turned to the sad Genie.  "Oh Genie, I have decided to make my final wish.  I wish for Princess Jasmine to fall desperately in love with me."

Outside the palace, Aladdin, Abu, Carpet, Kyle and Cassidy finally made it back to Agrabah.  They flew up the mountaintop where the palace was.  

Back in the throne room, Genie, once again as William F. Buckley, attempted to explain to Jafar that there were rules to his wishes.  "Uh master, there are a few addendas, a couple quid pro quo…"

But Genie was rudely interrupted by Jafar.  "DON'T TALK BACK TO ME YOU BIG BLUE LOUT!  You will do what I order you to do slave."

As Jafar spoke harshly to Genie, Jasmine saw Aladdin, Kyle and Cassidy.  She was happy to see them, but Aladdin told Jasmine to be quiet and play along with what's going on.  Jasmine put the crown on, turned to Jafar and said, "Jafar…I've never realized how incredibly handsome you are."

Genie's jaw literally dropped in shock.  Jafar was also shocked but was glad that Jasmine was finally falling for him.  While pulling Genie's jaw back up, he said, "That's better.  Now, pussycat, tell me more about…myself."

Jasmine and Jafar walked towards each other as Aladdin, Abu, Kyle and Cassidy quietly worked their way down to the floor.  Genie saw them and was excited.  "Al…Al, little buddy," he giggled.

Aladdin shushed Genie to make him not blow his cover.  Genie then literally zipped his mouth shut.  He flew to his friends, unzipped his mouth and said, "Al, I can't help you.  I work for senor psychopath now.  What are you gonna do?"

"Hey I'm a street rat remember," replied Aladdin as he zipped Genie's mouth, "I'll improvise."

"We improvise too," said Kyle, "I'll go with Aladdin to get the lamp.  Cassidy, you free the others from their prison."

"Got it," replied Cassidy.

While Cassidy went a different direction unnoticed, Kyle and Aladdin slid down a pile of gold, also unnoticed.  Jafar's back was at them.  Jafar was still flirting with Jasmine.  "Go on," he said.

"And your beard…is so…twisted," said Jasmine, as she pretended to twist Jafar's beard, when she was actually motioning for Aladdin to get closer.

Aladdin and Kyle were both really close to the lamp.  Unfortunately, Iago saw them and tried to warn Jafar, but was stopped by Abu who covered his beak, preventing him from speaking.  Jafar wasn't paying attention to Iago.  He was still with Jasmine.  "And the street rat," asked Jafar.

"What street rat," replied Jasmine.

Iago struggled to get himself free, but managed to knock down a bowl of fruit.  Right before Aladdin could get the lamp, the bowl fell onto the ground, making a loud noise.  Jafar swiftly turned around, but before he could notice Aladdin, Jasmine pulled him back and kissed him in the lips.  Aladdin, Kyle, Abu and Iago all had disturbed faces.  They found it disgusting.  The remaining FT Squad saw it and was also disgusted.  Dennis was on the verge of barfing.  Jafar was surprised by the sudden kiss.  "That was…"

Before Jafar finished, he saw something on Jasmine's crown.  It was Aladdin's reflection.  Jafar turned and saw Aladdin and Kyle close to the lamp.  "YOU," he shouted as he zapped both of them with his staff, "how many times do I have to kill you boy?"

Jasmine rushed Jafar to stop him, but was thrown to the ground.  Aladdin charged in and tussled with Jafar.  "GET THE LAMP," he said to Jasmine.

The FT Squad was freed as Jasmine and Kyle rushed to get the lamp.  But Jafar was fast and after pushing Al out of the way, he zapped Jasmine with his staff.  "Nah, ah, ah Princess, your time is up," said Jafar who again tussled with Aladdin.  
"Jasmine," exclaimed Aladdin.

Sand began pouring on Jasmine's head.  She was in big trouble.  But Kyle rushed towards her.  "I'll get you out of there," he said as he charged his firebat weapon.

But before he could reach her, another blast came from Jafar's staff and hit him in the chest.  "You OTTER not do that boy," said Jafar.

Kyle slammed back into a wall and was trapped in a fishing net.  "Oh nice shot Jaf…" cheered Iago before he was hit in the head by Abu.

Abu attempted to grab the lamp but was turned into a toy by Jafar.  "Don't toy with me," he said.

Carpet appeared, flying overhead and grabbing the lamp.  "Things are unraveling fast now boy," said Jafar as he zapped Carpet, unraveling him.

Aladdin and the remaining FT Squad tried to reach the lamp.  "Get the point," said Jafar.

Suddenly, line of swords blocked Aladdin and the FT Squad from getting the lamp.  Jafar picked up the lamp as he laughed hideously.  But Aladdin grabbed one of the swords and attempted to attack Jafar.  "I'm just getting warmed up," said Jafar who blew out a blast of fire, surrounding Aladdin and the FT Squad in a ring of fire.

"ENOUGH OF THE BAD JOKES ALREADY," yelled Rudy, who was sick of Jafar's bad jokes.

"Are you afraid to fight me yourself you cowardly snake," asked Aladdin furiously.

"A snake am I?  Perhaps you'd like to see how ssssssSSSSNAKE-LIKE I CAN BE," said Jafar as he turned himself into a giant cobra.

Everyone looked in fear as Jafar turned himself into a massive and ferocious snake.  The fire surrounding Aladdin and the squad turned into the snake's body encircling them.   Jafar then attacked.  He struck Aladdin, hoping to kill him with a single bite, but he missed every shot.  When he tried a third time, Aladdin struck back with his sword.  The sword hit Jafar and he screamed in pain.  Down below, Genie, who multiplied into four cheerleaders shouted, "RICKEM, ROCKEM, RICKEM, RAKE!  STICK THAT SWORD INTO THAT SNAKE!"

"You stay out of this," order Jafar.

"Jafar, Jafar, he's our man, if he can't do it, GREAT," cheered Genie again.

With Jafar distracted, Aladdin made a mad dash to the princess' hourglass.  The squad managed to free Kyle from his net.  But Jafar stopped Aladdin by blocking the path.  Aladdin was flung backwards.  His sword slid across the floor.  Jafar also attacked the FT Squad which scattered in different directions.  Kyle blasted Jafar with his firebat, aiming for his eyes.  Rudy jumped up and slashed Jafar in the head with his claws.  But Jafar was still capable of fighting.  He swung his head around, knocking all the squad members down.  He was a definitely tough opponent.  "ALADDIN," cried Jasmine.

Aladdin saw that Jasmine was getting buried underneath the sand.  He dashed to his sword and managed to grab it in time as Jafar attacked again.  But Jafar missed and crashed into a wall.  Aladdin jumped onto the snakes back and stabbed him.  As Jafar screamed in agony, Aladdin ran back to the hourglass.  Only Jasmine's head and hands were visible.  "Jasmine, hang on," cried Aladdin as he prepared to free her.

But Jafar came back and grabbed him.  He now had Aladdin in his crushing coils.  He laughed hideously and said, "Little fool.  You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on earth?"

Down below, Iago said, "Squeeze him Jafar.  Squeeze him like a…" before getting elbowed by Genie.

"Without the Genie boy, you're nothing," finished Jafar.

Aladdin was losing air under the pressure of the squeezing coils.  "The genie…" he said.

Suddenly Aladdin came up with an idea.  "The Genie.  The Genie has more power than you'll ever have," he said.

"WHAT," exclaimed Jafar.

"He gave you your power.  He can take it away," replied Aladdin.

The squad started getting back up and heard Aladdin's speech.  "What's he saying," asked Kaytlin.

"Al, what are you doing?  Why are you bringing me into this," asked Genie.

"Face it Jafar, you're still just second best," finished Aladdin.

Jafar realized that Aladdin was right.  Genie was the one who gave him power, but he could take it away.  "You're right," he said, "his power does exceed my own…but not for long."

Jafar circled around the worrisome Genie.  "The boy is crazy," he said trying to save himself, "he's a little punch drunk.  One, too many hits with the snake."

But Jafar didn't listen to him.  "SLAVE," he said, "I make my third wish.  I wish to be, AN ALL POWERFUL GENIE!"

Aladdin, the squad and Jasmine who was barely visible above the sand, all looked horrified.  "Alright, your wish is my command," said Genie who then turned to Aladdin, "way to go Al."

Reluctantly, Genie blasted Jafar and then he started to transform.  He got bigger and more muscular.  He had transformed into a Genie.  Aladdin was free, but Jasmine had disappeared underneath the sand.  Aladdin and Kyle both slashed the glass, freeing the princess as Jafar became bigger and bigger.  "YES…YES…THE POWER…THE ABSOLUTE POWER," he shouted.

"What have you done," cried Jasmine to Aladdin.

"TRUST ME," replied Aladdin.

A black lamp appeared at Jafar's base as he conjured to himself.  "THE UNIVERSE IS MINE TO COMMAND…TO CONTROL," he shouted victoriously.

"Not so fast Jafar," said Aladdin, "aren't you forgetting something?"

Jafar looked at him questioningly.  "You want to be a genie, you got it," said Aladdin as two shackles appeared on Jafar's wrists, "everything that goes with it."

"NO…NO," shouted Jafar as he was being sucked into the black lamp.

"I'm getting out of here," said Iago who flew off, but was pulled in with Jafar, "Come on you're the Genie.  I don't want…"

"PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWERS…" said Aladdin as Jafar and Iago disappeared into the lamp, "itty bitty living space."

"You outsmarted him," said Kyle, "WAY TO GO MAN!"

"Al you little genius you," said Genie.

Everything started turning back to normal since Jafar was trapped in the lamp.  Abu was turned back into a regular monkey, Carpet was re raveled, and Rajah turned from small kitten, into normal tiger again.  The palace reappeared in its original spot in the city.  In the black lamp, Jafar and Iago argued.  "Get your blasted beak out of my face," said Jafar.

"OH SHUT UP YOU MORON," snapped Iago.

"Don't tell me to shut up," replied Jafar.

The squad found it hilarious.  Genie took the black lamp.  "Allow me," he said as
he went to the balcony with a baseball hat.  "Ten thousand years in the cave of wonders oughta CHILL HIM OUT!"

Genie swung his hand as if he was about to throw the lamp, but at the last minute, he opened his palm and flicked the lamp off into the distance in the desert dunes.  The black lamp was gone, and so were Jafar and Iago.  With the danger past, Aladdin turned to Jasmine.  "Jasmine, I'm sorry I lied to you about being a prince."

"I know why you did," replied Jasmine.

"Well, I guess…this…is goodbye," said Aladdin, who felt that he had to go back to his previous life as street rat.

"Oh that stupid law," said Jasmine, "this isn't fair.  I love you."

Genie found this sad, but he wasn't giving in.  "Al, no problem, you still have one wish left.  Just say the word and you're a prince again," he said.

"But Genie, what about your freedom," asked Aladdin.

"Hey it's only an eternity of servitude.  This is love," said Genie, "Al, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years.  Believe me, I know, I've looked."

"He's willing to sacrifice his freedom for Aladdin," asked Kimmy.

"That's one compassionate and generous fellow," said Kyle, "but I guess it's up to Aladdin.  He's got the wish and decision to make."

Although he knew it was possible to wish to be a prince again, Aladdin knew in his heart that he couldn't fake being a prince anymore.  "Jasmine, I do love you, but I gotta stop pretending to be something I'm not," he said.

"I understand," said Jasmine sadly.

With that, Aladdin turned to the Genie and said, "Genie, I wish for your freedom."

"One bona fide prince pedigree coming up," said Genie who prepared to make Aladdin a prince before stopping, "what?"

"Genie…you're free," said Aladdin.

The lamp levitated into the air.  Magic appeared around Genie as he stared in shock.  The shackles on his wrists broke off.  The lamp then fell to the ground, now incredibly useless.  Genie picked up the lamp.  He couldn't believe what happened to him.  "I'm free…I'm free," said Genie who then gave Aladdin the lamp, "quick, quick, wish for something outrageous.  Say 'I want the Nile.'  Wish for the Nile try that."

"Uh, I wish for the Nile," said Aladdin.

"NO WAY," shouted Genie, who then laughed hysterically and bounced around in every direction like a pinball.  "Oh does it feel good?  Oh, I'M FREE!  I'M FREE AT LAST!  I'm hittin' the road!  I'm off to see the world!"

Genie got out a suitcase and started packing it.  But as he turned back to Aladdin, his happiness turned into sadness.  Although he was free, he was going to miss him.  "Genie, I'm…I'm gonna miss you," said Aladdin.

"Me too Al," said Genie as a tear ran down his cheek and he hugged Aladdin, "no matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me."

The squad was touched at this goodbye.  The Sultan then stepped forward.  "That's right.  You've certainly proven your worth as far as I'm concerned.  It's that law that's the problem," he said.

"Father," asked Jasmine, who was curious.

"Well, am I Sultan or am I Sultan," said the Sultan.

The squad realized he was right and bowed before him.  "Yes you are Sire," said Cassidy, "what do you have to say?"

"From this day forth, the princess shall marry whomever she deems worthy," finished the Sultan.

Jasmine grew with happiness as she smiled widely.  Her father is now allowing her to marry anyone she desires.  With that, she ran to Aladdin.  "HIM!  I CHOOSE…I choose you Aladdin," she declared.

"Heh, call me Al," replied Aladdin.

"So whattaya know," said Kyle, "it's a happy ending for us all."  

"Phenomenal," said Kaytlin, "this is so magical."

Genie found it so cute.  "OH ALL OF YOU, COME HERE BIG GROUP HUG, GROUP HUG," he said as he hugged all his friends, "mind if I kiss the monkey."

He kissed Abu but coughed up a hairball.  "Oh hairball," he commented.

"Well, bye Genie," said Kyle, "you were amazing pal.  I hope we see you again soon."

"Well I can't do any more damage around this popsicle stand.  I'M OUTTA HERE," said Genie who then flew off with his suitcase, "Bye-bye you two crazy lovebirds.  Hey Rugman, ciao!  I'm history!  No, I'm mythology!  I DON'T CARE WHAT I AM, I'M FREE!"

And so, with Genie free, Agrabah saved and Aladdin and Jasmine together, the squad got their mothership and flew off back to Lake Hoohaw.  Fireworks blew in the sky as Aladdin and Jasmine flew on Carpet.

Aladdin: A whole new world

Jasmine: A whole new life

Aladdin and Jasmine: FOR YOU AND ME!

They kissed as they flew off into the moonlight.  They were together at last.  As for the FT Squad, they were proud of their latest victory and new friends, and they hoped that someday, they would meet them again when they come back to Agrabah for another Arabian night.

Genie: Made ya look!
This is the final part of "The FT Squad's Adventures in Aladdin."

The squad teams up with Aladdin to take down Jafar and restore peace to Agrabah.

I owe a very special thanks to Wrestlemaniac829. Without him showing me that website with the entire movie script, I would've had trouble writing this story. Thanks man!

Genie says hello to all of you.

FT Squad characters copyrighted to me

Aladdin characters copyrighted to Disney
Wrestlemaniac829 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Student Writer
You're welcome Kyle. Just thought it be nice to do this favor to help move your story along.
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